Usage Numbers for Stift: Calendar App for iPads

Usage Numbers for Stift: Calendar App for iPads

1500 active users per month. 22% Week 1 retention, 17% W2 and 10%+ W4 retention

Alexander Thiele · 1 minute read

Started as a small calendar app that I use myself as a family calendar, it is developing more and more into a surprisingly well-received app in the app stores. In the App Store right now with 60+ ratings at 4.6. 87% of the users are Apple iPad users followed by Samsung Tablets.

Stift App retention

A surprisingly simple app that allows you to draw on a calendar with a digital pen. I developed the initial app over a weekend in Flutter and have been developing it ever since as a side project. I added new features such as multiple drawable layers and added customer feedback.

Added In-App Purchases

For some time now you can also make an in-app purchase and unlock a small feature for power users (more to come). I am still convinced that the main function of the app should be free for everyone to use. Power users who use the app every day or every week should pay for the features they need as power users.

stift app calendar view

Monetize 5% of users

If you only monetise the top 5% of users (the power users), you have advantages over a paid app or an app where the main function is hidden behind a paywall. The app continues to generate good ratings and thus organically attracts more users. All users are satisfied because the main function for which they downloaded the app remains free of charge. Power users can use the app in a way that is important to them and receive added value through the purchase.

Of course, such an app generates less revenue as only about 5% of users are power users. But you have to spend less money on marketing because the growth is more organic.

This type of monetisation is also more in line with my app developer philosophy than insisting on maximum profit.


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